A businesswoman’s watch stops working on her way to an important meeting and she really needs to keep track of the time(pre mobile phone days joke)

She sees a small shop with the window full of clocks and watches, and thinks “perfect!”

She goes in and sees that the custodian is an elderly orthodox Jewish man, kippah, beard, hairlocks, etc, all dressed in black.

She says to him brusquely “can you fix this for me, I’m in a hurry,” and puts the watch on the desk in front of him. He prods it and says dismissively, “I don’t know anything about watches.”

She says “oh – what do you do then?”

He replies “I’m a mohel.”

She says “You’re a what?”

He says “A mohel, a how do you say it, a ritual circumciser.”

She says “oh!” again, and then because she is taken aback and a bit embarrassed in the moment she gets angry and says “then why do you have all those misleading clocks and watches in your window?”

He sighs, looks really tired, and says “Lady, you tell me, what should I put in my window?”

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