A physicist, a biologist, and a mathematician are observing a building…

A very heavy-set man is seen going in.

A while later two very skinny men exit.

The physicist says “To within experimental error, the conservation of mass has been demonstrated.”

The biologist says “reproduction by mitosis must have taken place.”

The mathematician scratches his chin and then says “you know, if one more person goes in there that building will be empty.”

What do you think?

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  1. My dad told me a similar one (If 5 people are in class and 6 leave 1 has to enter so nobody is in there) when I was 7.

    I told it in math where we just completed the number until 20 and got detention for telling such nonsense and irritating other students…

  2. a physicist, a chemist and a mathematician are on a deserted island with a can of food. the physicist tries to bash it open with a rock, which does not work. the chemist tries to dissolve it open with the saltwater, which doesn’t work. the mathematician looks at the can and says ‟lets assume we’ve a can opener”

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