A priest and a nun are driving home from a seminary…

… when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It’s getting late and so they have to spend the night at an inn. The priest says “I don’t think the Lord will mind us sharing a room Sister, I’ll take the couch, you can have the bed.” She agrees and they go to bed. Later in the middle of the night the priest says “Sister it sure is cold on this couch.”
“Let me fetch you a blanket Father,” she replies and goes and gets him one. He thanks her but is still cold. After a few minutes he says “It’s still really cold on the couch Sister.”
“Oh no Father, let me get you another blanket,” and up she gets and fetches him another.
Half an hour passes and the priest says “It’s still really cold on this couch sister, I don’t think the Lord would mind us acting like man and wife just for one night do you?”
“I agree,” the nun replies, “I don’t think he would mind if we acted like we were married, just for the one night.”
Excitedly the priest stands up and heads towards the bed…

“Get your own fucking blanket.”

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