A talking dog joke with a twist

I heard this about 30 years ago from the VP of the company I was working for. He was a real, old fashioned Southern Gentleman from Mississippi.

A young man from a small city in Mississippi is getting ready to leave home for college. He comes from a prominent family and his father has managed to get him accepted to Ole Miss. As he is waiting at the train depot with his parents his father hands him a bank account passbook.

“Now son, I have taken care of your tuition and your room and board. I opened a bank account for you so you have some spending money. It should be enough for the school year, so spend it wisely.”

They shake hands and the young man boards the train.

A couple of months go by and the young man has already gone through all his spending money. He thinks for a few days about what he is going to do and finally comes up with a plan.

He makes a phone call home.

“They have a special program here Daddy I think you might find interesting. They are teaching dogs to talk. They are looking for dogs to train and I thought you might want to get Rex into the program.”

“Why son, that sounds like a grand idea.”

“All they need is a $500 donation. If you send me Rex and put the money in my account I will get Rex started.”

Two days later the young man picks up the dog at the train station.

Two more months go by and the young man is once again broke. He makes another call.

“Rex is doing great Daddy. He’s ready for the advanced program. All I need is another $500.”

“That is great son!” I will put the money in the bank tomorrow.”

It is now approaching the end of the school year and the son is broke again. He has just enough for his ticket home with Rex from the summer break. He has no idea what to do as he boards the train. At one of the stops he sees an old man sitting on a bench smoking a pipe. He finally comes up with a plan.

Getting off the train with Rex while other passengers are boarding he walks over to the old man. He tells the man he can no longer afford to take care of his and wonders if he would take the dog. The old man tells him he is waiting for his wife to return from visiting her sister. They live on a farm and would be glad to take the dog. Leaving Rex behind the young man boards the train.

When he arrives at his stop his Daddy is there waiting for him. He greets his son with a big smile.

“Where’s Rex son”? he asks eagerly.

“Well Daddy” the young man says. “Yesterday I was packing to come home. Rex is watching and he says to me,”

“Say, is your Daddy still seeing that little waitress at the Bluebird diner?”

His father turns red with anger.

“Son, I hope you shot that dog!”

“I sure did Daddy, I sure did!”

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