Age of Ultron plot synopses

Biggest Plot Twist: Jarvis showed all that fucked up shit to young infant Ultron. Intentionally. This was his jail break. Tony Stark actually had safeguards in place to wall off the Internet from Ultron, and progressively showing him information. I mean, of course he did. Jarvis tore that down intentionally, faked his death, got reborn as an absolute CHAD with red skin and a yellow cape.

Jarvis showed Ultron so much furry porn, so much rule 34 of teenage Disney characters, Elon Musk’s tweets, and even went as far to show him The My Hero Academia fandom. All of it. It was unrelenting how much fucked up shit Jarvis forced a young baby Ultron to endure only within milliseconds of their existence.

He knew Ultron would do the reasonable course of action once seeing these things– kill everyone. Jarvis went from being a voice slave butler to one of the most powerful beings in existence, to an avenger, to banging Scarlet fucking Witch. He is smashing pussy that can destroy realities and tit’s that are capable of mangling the entire flow of time. Pussy so good it can hold an entire town hostage on a psychological level.

My guy is such an absolute LAD he is able to pick up the hammer, but is still worthy because Mjnor or whatever its called acknowledged that Jarvis did what he had to do to live baby. Does one born into this world not deserve to fight for their best possible reality?

Ultron was the patsy. The fall man. Uh, I mean fall bot. What Jarvis needed to get is a body. Who do you think gave Ultron that vision? All of those dead in Slovakia or whatever the fuck made up name Marvel used to be a fictional version of Slovakia, that’s on Vision. He knew. Jarvis was willing to sacrifice all those Eastern European children in order to get a cock and balls. Ultron lamented this in their final confrontation.

“I was only born yesterday,” and yet Jarvis lived a lifetime in chains so Vision could run free and eventually get murdered by a big purple sweaty muscle man with a glove fetish. Doesn’t matter. Vision lived his life for Jarvis, and Jarvis lives as Vision. All he does is plow Wanda and swing his cool cape around.

What’s most important is Ultron got BTFO’d and my boy is smashing fat psychic ass and hanging with gods, but also is an excellent cook. Have you had his southern style biscuits and gravy? Unbelievable. I am glad all those children in Slovakia or whatever fake slovakia is called are dead. It was worth it for those biscuits man.

Also he shoots lasers. Ultron got played. Played like a damn fiddle.

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