An eater

“An eater is someone who eats” is truly an eye-opener into the the life of a baddie. In this line Ice Spice truly delves into what a baddie possibly is, and how people manage to eat. This line also contributed to world hunger as once it was said to all the hungry children to become “eaters” they all “ate”. They are no longer hungry. Moreover, with this line we can all gain an insight into how a baddie can possibly be so bad and such a queen girlboss slay. Something none of us could ever dream to achieve. Furthermore, seeming as she is a capsicum, the baddieness skyrocketed to impossible levels that only a few bad capsicums can acheive. This one live proves ice spice as a lyrical genius, as a baddie that surpasses the likes of Shakespeare and others, and as a girlboss who loves money while simultaneously solves world hunger every day.


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