I created a mod that randomizes the ENTIRE MAP of Pokemon Emerald!

Hi! I asked the r/Pokemon mods if I was allowed to share this with the subreddit, so let me present to you a new type of Pokemon Randomizer!

The link is under the #mod-downloads channel in my Discord along with every other mod I've custom commissioned: https://discord.gg/pointcrow (this is just the tool, it is expected you have a legally obtained game etc.)

If you want to see a completed run or examples of how it works, look here: https://youtu.be/4C-UmXxVB5c

Hi! I'm PointCrow, and along with XLuma, Turtleisaac, and AtSign, we've created a new type of Pokemon Randomizer that completely changes every warp zone of the game–if you step into a Pokemon Center, for example, you'll exit out of a random house, face off against an elite 4 member, or even run into Ho-oh.

Things that have been changed from the base game to make it easier to play and other notes:

-Currently only available for Emerald, however we are actively working on making a Universal Map Randomizer for every generation of Pokemon–gen 4 Platinum is almost done, with plenty on the way.
-Teleport and Fly are available to use everywhere in the game, to deviate from softlocking (you should probably catch a Ralts/Abra asap).
-Regi caves and Mirage tower are permanently open for convenience. Museum, Lilycove Harbor, Aqua/Terra Caves are not randomized for now.
-Patches will be coming every Friday, rolling changelog will hopefully be updated here as well.

All updates/bugfixes will be tracked here: https://trello.com/b/3tLNQhdK/feature-tracker

I'm available for any questions about it! It's SO much fun to play, and can't wait to release more generations for you guys.

Credit: PointCrow

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