Big brother’s a degenerate

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I have a 12 year old sister called Melissa but I started calling her Yui when I became an otaku when I was 15 and later, she became an anime fan when she was 11. Now I have done something so terrible that I can’t sleep… What happened is that I’m a lolicon, I like loli hentai… For a month, she saw me watching that hentai and then she investigated on the subject herself… I didn’t know she was spying on me so I kept watching my degenerate shit unconcerned, until one day Yui called me Onii-Chan. I felt very shameful but everything got out of control when she started to moan like a loli to make fun of me… That cunt thought she was a loli. I didn’t think much of it, until I started to think that… she could like me. I know it’s sickening but since incest is my fetish, I started to woo her a little bit and little by little, we fell in love. We even got to the point of kissing. One night our parents weren’t home she and I had sex… No joke, that was the best damn night of my life. We did it over and over again and I lost control of myself when she moaned and called me Onii-Chan. We were in a couple in secret… Since she was 12, I never thought I’d get her pregnant… She was at our grandparents’ home when she sent me a message telling me she was pregnant. I couldn’t sleep that night and I didn’t know what to do, I was considering making her have an abortion… I thought the protagonists in this stories were happy. Now I know how hard the life of two siblings who love each other with a 5 year age gap could be. Yui has offered me to act like it was rape and I had nothing to do with it, but for some reason I can’t accept it. I have until Monday to find a solution

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