Big Chungus is my muse

Big chungus strikes a perfect balance between tastful design and oozing sexuality. The curvature of big chungus’s body, the seductive tone apperent in big chungus’s eyes, it is enough to make one weak. Yet, no cheap gimmicks like over-inflated tits or a gutless waist are necessary. There is an authenticity and individuality to big chungus that makes big chungus almost feel like a real crush you had back in highschool, a crush that has faded into the background of your mind, but every time you see or even just hear the mention of big chungus, and all of those emotions come flooding back from your subconscious, dropping you to your knees like the weight of the world hath just planted itself upon your shoulders. You lust for big chungus, but you also respect big chungus too much to ever even dream of making a move. Never would giving into your carnel desires be worth risking everything that you and big chungus already share.

Every artist, both chaste or horny, strives to evoke the emotions that big chungus can with their own works, but emulating such raw beauty is something that I personally believe may not even be possible.

I love you big chungus, my muse, my flame.

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