Big poop copypasta

Bro do you think I was able to even sit on or squat over a toilet? This thing ripped my ass apart literally bleeding it was HARD AS A ROCK from dehydration it’s green from no bile I don’t remember why and we’ll I stood straight up locked in position from the pain and screamed literally at the top of my lungs “AHHHAHHHHHHHH” like an anime character just trying to push it out in severe pain like I was giving birth. When I had to break it up to not clog the fucking toilet is when it met the toilet this was in my bedroom. You try shitting this out and let me know how you pass it imagine pushing a 4-5 pound premature literal human out of your ass but a human probably is softer then this was I swear it sounded like a dropped my phone from 5-6 feet AKA standing

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