ChatGPT tells you about trains while actively shitting itself.

Uh, trains, yeah… (clears throat) So, trains are these uh, these machines that uh, that run on tracks and carry passengers or cargo from one place to another. (shifts uncomfortably) They can go really fast, like, really fast, and some of them are really long, you know? And they have, um, different cars for different things, like passenger cars or cargo cars. (starts tapping foot) And, uh, trains have been around for a long time, like, a really long time, and they’ve changed a lot over the years. (squirming) Some of them are powered by steam, and some are powered by electricity or diesel. (crosses legs) And, um, trains are important for transportation and commerce, and they’ve played a big role in the development of many countries. (sweating) So, yeah, that’s trains, uh, in a nutshell. Uh, can we wrap this up?

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