Jackie Chan got his start in pornography.

You really can’t make this stuff up. In the 70’s, Jackie Chan played a lewd rickshaw driver in the pornographic “classic” known as All in the Family. All in the Family was a Hong Kong based pornographic comedy. 

Now that Jackie Chan has retired from action movies and is moving to become a more dramatic actor, you might think he’d consider this kind of a blemish on his career. But it turns out he claims he has no regrets about it. 

Jackie Chan isn’t alone in getting his start from not so family oriented means, though. David Duchovny has a past very similar to Chan’s, having also starred in a porn series before his X-Files days. Cameron Diaz once had a sex tape, which, unlike Chan, she has spent years trying to block the distribution of. 

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also doesn’t have a perfectly clean record. Before he was the Terminator and before he was Mr Olympia, he posed in his birthday suit for a gay magazine. Prior to his days as Joey Tribbiani on the show Friends, Matt LeBlanc starred in an early 90’s adult series, similar to Chan and Duchovny. 

Probably most strange of all is Sylvester Stallone, who starred in a 1970 pornographic film which he was paid $200 for. The film gained a large degree of notoriety after Stallone’s success in the Rocky and Rambo films. 

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