The moderators of r/(submadghostsname) have noticed you have been posting “spam” in violation of rule 15. We see this meme you have posted has depicted one of our mods as extremely homosexual and we find this deeply offensive and disturbing. Moreover, this incorporates aspects of karmawhoring and obvious baiting. Your entire argument against the moderators includes what we would like to call “logical fallacies”. You have resorted to pure ad hominem by blindly accusing us of watching gay buttsex asmr compilation 2019, which has stirren up a completely avoidable and long drama which has been tearing our closeknit community here at r/(submadghostsname). We are very disappointed in your behaviour, so we have decided to ban you from this submadghosts. I hope you know that what you posted is a perfect example of the typical sjw libtard circlejerk progressive picrew agenda which will embarass you for years to come. After this, everyone will know you for this and you have just become an unwanted person, infamous and ashamed of what you have done. Your future employer will know you have done. Every single one of your friends will know what you have done. Your wife will know what you have done. Your fate is inescapable. I hope you know I have featured you on r/madghostsmoment where you will be forever casted away in the hall of shame like the true persona-non-gratta you are. Any attempts to create a new user and join this submadghosts will be suppressed with even more backlash and shame than you could ever imagine. Soon you will definitely crave something as sweet as humiliation. Every single goddamn post you make will be blown to the depths of downvote hell. Say your last goodbyes to everyone in this community. They won’t fucking miss you, hypocrite bastard.


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