[18F]I accidentally had sex with my older brother

This was a couple weeks ago. I don’t know where else to share it but I need to talk about it.

So I had a friend staying the night and long story short, we ended up naked in my bed fooling around. We basically just played with each other’s boobs and fingered each other a bit.

Well my brother walked in on us and my friend and him were joking around about fucking. They have had sex before. I knew they wouldn’t be able to go anywhere else with our parents around, so I pulled my cover over my head and told the to be quick. I ended up covering my friend up to. We shuffled around trying to get untangled, when I felt him get on the bed, a second later I felt his dick press against my pussy and slide in.

He went fast and hard and all I could do was moan. My friend went wide eyed and looked at me and told him he was in the wrong girl. She threw the blanket off us so he could see and he looked at me right when I came. I don’t know why but he started cumming too.

He only shot a little bit in me as he pulled out and got the rest on my ass. We all agreed not to say anything since it was an accident. A few minutes later I watched the two of them fuck and it was pretty hot.

I keep thinking about it and I don’t know why it turns me on so much.

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