2020 my friend and I had an argument lmao

well bitch its true, i have been nothing but supportive to you and i did sent so much to make you feel better. And not once did you thank me. Not only did you not have the curiosity say thank you but you also never did shit when your friends were being homophobic assholes to me when i’m literally mostly into girls, which you KNEW. I mean who are you kidding you really think your gonna marry this man when you met him from ROBLOX? like ok yeah you can think he’s hot shit, and he definitely loves you from what ive seen, but trust me i’ve experienced boys who are just as kind as he is block you for other girls. It happened to me. Nick said he would never leave me and he was even nicer then cryptic but he left me for another girl without saying goodbye, so now that im being honest he could do the same to you. People change. I am telling you this now because i dont give a shit about how you feel anymore because i know the feeling is mutual. The fact that people like your friends exist make me feel so sick. All you mother fuckers do is play osu! and talk about the most irrelevant shit and make fun of other people. I understand now why so many people leave the server because you guys make fun of people without learning ANYTHING about them and then you keep talking about it wayyy after they leave just like with noah. So yes. Your little “breakup” with some roblox man had everything to do with what we were involving. I hope you know that i have no respect for you as you deserve. I used to be your friend and over look how you never did SHIT about your fucking friends being the worst kind of assholes. You say I want you to change how other people act, but i guess you will never know what it will be like to stick up for friends who have been nothing but nice to you. I would explain more but you are so far lost that i know people like you never fucking change <2

btw im not pissed off im just telling you genuinly how i feel girl ❤️

i guess the truth is harsh enough for you to think im mad xD

#friend #argument #lmao

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