A BTS Fan tried to break my fingers after I told him BTS Stands for Bangladeshi Toilet Services

Sooo I was chilling with my friends beside the road when a not-so-close friend of mine came. He was a BTS fan and wore a badge saying BTS. I asked “Why are you wearing a badge of Bangladeshi Toilet Services?” Immediately he held my four fingers of right arm, pushed me into the wall and turned the fingers backwards with all his force. I kicked him after ten or so seconds and then he released my fingers. luckily it was nothing serious but my hand was numb for five-ish minutes and it fucking hurts.

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  1. Sovo I join my friends in moving out a non-hosted mine. He is a BTS hot and dark “BTS”. I ask “How has been badly placed under the Mayt service in Bangladesh?” immediately, with four right-wings, bringing me into the wall and placing fingerprints with all of his forces. I opened him after ten seconds or ten seconds and then he released my finger. Fortunately, this is not a serious one, but I am personally five minutes and wounded.

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