A cockroach gave me a throbbing hard orgasm when I was most vulnerable (Confession)

y’all knew I grew up in Pakistan, right? I truly believe the roaches from all over the world come from that country alone, specifically Karachi. One day, I come home from a long abusive school day of being called a “chutiya” by those bullies. And I noticed no ones home think they went to my cousins wedding (two of them married each other. It’s normal there) so I was like “aiiiight” imma sleep naked upstairs. I threw my school uniform off turned the fan on and pointed that shit at my underdeveloped dick. Oh boy, that was a nice feeling. Imagine your balls being trapped all day in 100F heat all day. It was so hot it cooked some of my sperm I had. So skipping, that cool breeze to my balls knocked me out. I’m having some bomb ass dreams. Like me coming to America and playing with white girl titties and owning a PlayStation. Later I had this crazy ass dream. This is when I had my first wet dream. I remember that shit like it was yesterday. It felt so real. I was getting my dick touched by this goddess and she had some soft hands. Like this bitch applied shea butter thoroughly. It felt like my dick was inside a nice warm potato with extra butter. I was young at the time but I remember I felt this tingling feeling like nutting, it felt like McDonald’s sprite was coming out my penis hole. So that shit woke me up. I look at my dick and I saw a roach rubbing his wings on my dick bruh. Lowkey I let that mf do his thing and then I heard a door bell I moved so fast that mf flew away. I had a flying roach give me top bruh. I can not make this up. I’ve been sleeping without pants since then in hopes of getting top by a roach again. Lowkey hope it was a female roach tho.

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