A comment on pizza crimes

I’m ‘murican but I’mma try to read this here box.

WHELP first you can see that this here pizzer is 100 kill-o-meters long. You take 100 Chinese meters times 40 Chinese meters, and since Europeans love converting units, you just convert them on over and BAM! 100 kill-o-meters.

Now this particular model is 64-bit, and as you can see from the top left, it’s a 24th-level black belt in karate.

Now I’m not so sure about the bottom right. I know what hot dogs and chicken feet are, but I think the rest of these must be the people who made the pizza or something. I see a guy from Dragonball Z, that real smart Greek guy, an’ at least one of ’em’s a Pokeyman.

Now if y’all will excuse me, I’ve got beer to drink, NASCAR to watch, and a wife to beat. Thank y’all! Gawd bless!

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