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Edit : hi guys haha hoping everyone is having a good day haha just a quick update .. why are you downvoting me ? Haha just a little question like that haha nothing serious.. but huh.. like the youngling say “What the fuck yo” haha .. i mean seriously what the fuck is up with you downvoting me ? I am right YOU UNDERSTAND I AM RIGHT I AM TELLING THE TRUTH STOP DOWNVOTING ME I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Edit 2 : haha guys that was funny woooow haha we… we really got a good chuckle on that one haha woof.. damn im still laughing thinking about it haha … but the best jokes are the shortest amiright or amiright ?? So now that we all had our fun at my expense with this situation.. can you all remove your downvotes? I know it seems silly and all haha but i really value my karma. For some of you that may sound stupid but i assure that it’s the truth. Honestly my day and possibly my week are being ruined by this “joke” you all seem to find extremely funny. But it’s time to just admit that we had a good time, but you need to deal with the consequences. I now lost a massive amount of karma. Weeks worth of it. So it would be very justified of you to at least REMOVE your downvotes ! Im sure most people just downvoted it for the LOLs and are never comming back, so it would be greatly appreciated if you guys reading this could balance the ratio by upvoting.. I know I know.. upvoting just because you pity me ? Haha yeah I know I myself personaly value my upvotes a lot. I only use them on the highest quality content on there. But this is a just cause. By upvoting my post you help reduce the injustice on this website. Injustice CAUSED BY CHILDREN THINKING HARRASSEMENT IS FUNNY. You think harrassement is funny ? No ? Then upvote me Upvote me GODDAMNIT UPVOTE BEFORE I DO SOMETHING AGAINST REDDIT AND YOU WILL BE SORRY OOOOOH YOU ALLLL WILL BE JUST SO SORRY SO UPVOTE MY POST NOW

Edit 3 : I now have over 500 downvotes while my main post merely has 250 upvotes… this is the worst day democratie has ever witnessed. I will be logging off now. Goodnight everyone, hoping you will change and realise the pain you cause others.

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