A controversial yet enlightening discussion and debate upon modernity and Monke.

1. Controversial question, but I am very captivated to hear all of your opinions on the topic at hand that I am about to present to you all, please note that said topic is not meant to cause pain, sadness, and/or distress to anyone. If any of you are offended by it, I apologize beforehand and want to clarify that it isn’t intentional and my point of bringing said topic up was not to deliberately offend anyone. It is strictly for educational and analytical purposes. Do you all agree with Justin Bieber’s “controversial” quote, “Everyday we stray further away from Monke.”? I personally, in my opinion, with respect to all other’s, do think it has sense into it. Society is getting too involved into modernity, and it’s sad to see. We need to reboot and go back to Monke to restart and simply try not to repeat our mistakes in society.
2. I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the tweet, with hundreds of thousands of interactions of different kinds, whether they be negative, positive, and/or mixed, to that tweet within minutes of it being posted. This take took the internet by absolute storm, and the comment section is filled with debates with valid points from both ends of the spectrum. As a matter of factuality, I’m even seeing people remaining neutral on the idea, agreeing with the fact that we need to tone down on modernity in certain issues and social aspects and adopt the ways of the Monke, as our closest non-human relatives have been for more than a magnificent megaannum, whilst also maintaining our technological advancements in certain fields such as science and medicine, and even certain aspects and elements of democratic politics. I am entirely intrigued by the above stated debatable thesis, and hence am looking for opinions from the likes of you on the above listed subject matter. Although I will not be providing my entire thought process and argument on the topic at hand, I will highlight one point which I think is necessary to be highlighted and made clear from my perspective. As it is mentioned above, certain communities have come out stating their neutrality and centralism on said topic. Well, I say again, as I’ve mentioned above, many/some of them agree that democratic politics should be an element of society that should not be dissolved when rejecting modernity, and keeping the components of democratic politics whilst making a slow, gradual, but eventual shift back into Monke, (which would be devolution by the textbook definition, but any fine thinker would call that progress evolution) which must I say, I absolutely disagree with. This is the entire subject of my highlighted disagreement, it is hypocritical to reject modernity yet keep democracy as a form of government under a Monke-like society.
3. As a valid example, I will use our closest living relatives, Chimpanzees, who are completely and structurally integrated into a traditionalist and absolute Monke society. This sector of pure Hominidae apes agree to a far more totalitarian (from our inferior perspective) and authoritative monarchic-type leadership. Their absolutely superior societies are topped by an alpha male whose main interest is sex; leaders enjoy access to fertile females and father the most offspring. These head chimps keep the peace by stemming disputes in the group and controlling resources such as food. It is even an objectively proven and a statistically axiomatic fact within human society that monarchies bring in more peace, economic stability, and far lower crime rates and internal disputes, much like an ape/Monke society does so. This is simply my analytical and intellectual approach on the subject matter and theme at hand, and you can feel free to disagree with me and prove counterpoints to make this constructive debate.
4. As for the topic of “All Monkes are apes, but not all apes are Monkes.”, I will be getting into that later on, but as for now, let us focus on one intellectually hardened and “subjective” topic.

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