A copypasta I found of a guy shitting on people who don’t like CGI

My personal philosophy is if CGI-ing something that would otherwise be a massive pain for the animation team, **I say GOOD.** No matter how awkward it looks. I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder when someone talked about how one of the stands looked super CGI.

**Who gives a shit, it’s a cartoon no matter what, oh Im sorry, was CGI ok when you were watching Jimmy Neutron eat ice cream that had no texture what so ever on it and his side kick robo-dog that was a fucking box.**

**How about you go brain blast this dick and get your ass to the Shadowrealm, jimbo.**

Animators already have a brutal career, although someone else reading this probably knows the nuances better than I. I did see an interview with one of the chief animators on Diamond is Unbreakable and they said the deadlines/work schedule was awful. Which sucks cause Part 4 looks great. He sounded like he couldn’t even look back proudly on his work in part 4 because of the bad associations.

That’s horseshit, and I’d rather my animes take an extra year or two if it means this dude gets to see his family. Some people are way out of pocket though. Bro, hella people pirate anime and then have the audacity to complain about their favorite OST not playing when the protagonist is taking a dump. If you pirate but don’t complain, particularly to the staff, you do you baby girl. That’s whatever.

If you do steal content, and proceed to harass the staff, OVER CGI that you didn’t pay for, then you can go kick rocks barefoot. You wacky little bitch. You dumb stump-ass dipshit.

Prime example like how people were shitting themselves on Twitter in Attack on Titan by MAPPA when Eren’s attack titan was CGI and Mikasa was too briefly when she stood on it. **Fucking weebs harassed the fucking staff, many made their twitters private, holy shit bro, you don’t need to just touch grass, you need to go touch the entire field.**

MAPPA had barely any time before the season was given to them and who gives a shit bro, they still in giant flesh mechs punching each other, shut up. Holy shit, you will live.

If there is something that looks super CGI-esq and **EVEN IF** it takes me out of the moment a bit, I say good. because those frogs were probably a pain in the ass to animate, so they said fuck it, cgi frogs. And now we got a meme out of it.

**If someone is whining about CGI looking awful, to an underfunded staff, you have my permission to beat their ass.** Hell, even well funded ones. Animation is tough, and Japanese work culture doesn’t help last I heard. Just have some goddamn empathy jfc.

However, The Berserk recent anime adaption you can shit on. You can shit on that a lot. That’s ok. Overlord Season 3 too. Don’t bitch to the staff. but yeah, that was painful. Oof. But leave MAPPA and DP Animations (Dong Party) to do whatever they got to do.

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