A forbidden idea ripped from the bowels of a long abandoned 4chan thread

Alright, so, to heavily summarize my latest and greatest idea, I’m legally required to state that under NO circumstances that this idea should be realized, as the resources required to bring this idea to existence may conflict with the copyright of Nintendo Co., Ltd & Game Freak Co., Ltd. now, anyways,


A Pokémon™ porn game, for a lack of better words.


Now, you may be confused by this idea, but, this idea could be extremely profitable.

If you think about this logically, there are plenty of people desperate for fully interactive Pokémon™ pornographic experience. I’ve seen threads full of desperate bastards would love to shove their Johnson into a Vapoureon or a Gardevoir or even both. People would fork over assloads of cash just to have an interactive 3 – 40 minute experience with over 905 Pokémon. Don’t even get me started with the trainers.

Now, Obviously the problematic trainers would be not available in this “game”, BUT, with the amount of trainers and Pokémon available, you could fulfill any fantasy or fetish with the sheer volume of Trainers and Pokémon.

Would you like to have an all out orgy with 3 Pokémon™ Trainers and 2 Pokémon™? because you can with this “Idea”.


But, the real fantasy comes from the possible profits from the amount of sales this “Game” could generate. If the “Game” was sold for approximately $10. 10 sales could generate $100 of any currency. and since this “Game” could be made with some easily usable game engine such as Unity, and since the Models for each Pokémon™ Trainer and every Pokémon™, and their Genitalia could be ripped from any model. If the “Game” was developed with Virtual reality in mind, this “Game” could be the Ultimate Pokémon™ Pornographic Experience. Unfortunately, Copyright exists, and Nintendo/Game Freak would not be happy seeing a Pikachu being Splattered by a Garchomp.


Thank you for listening, and now I shall go beg God for forgiveness.

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