a guy who likes to fard and start furiously farding

I am a M23 and was flying to Sweden, a very long flight, in the airport I found a Taco Bell and since I was starving I ate there 2 tacos and some bean dip. When I got on the plane, I realized that I had diarrhea and started taking a huge crap in the toilet. After doing that, a few hours later I started farding so hard it made half the plane smell like it. One of the flight attendants got up and decided to tell me to “Please stop farting sir, your disturbing our customers or atleast try to limit and make it silent but deadly.” I said back “I am trying to,” then she left. I kept farting so hard I saw a guy passed out with other people too, the flight attendant came back again and slapped me and punched me in the balls. After I got off the passengers ran off and trampled little kids and myself, and after that I farted so loudly that I stopped farting since it cleared my stomach of gas. Ever since I have been known as the man called “The Crappy Death”

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