A mad mod on r/discordVideos

Oh wait this shit is still funny?

sorry cant match your lvl of humor

but yea no one fucking asked still im a human being with an ability to express myself and evidence to back it up, and the soldiers of the revolutionary war and the civil war and the world wars all fought so that we hv the right to free speech and thus the right to say that and the evidence I have even when no one fucking asked. And I know what you’re going to say right after I finish sending this hammer of logic straight to your senses, you miserable little fucktwat, you’re going to say “who tf asked?” like you’ve reached the pinnacle of comedy. I would call you a fucking clown but clowns are either funny or scary and you’re neither and you’ll never be either in the eyes of anyone. And despite all that you might say and despite your constant regurgitation of the overused sassy ‘comeback’ you will not amount to anything and you disgrace the ancestors of your lineage who fought hard so that you and I can stand here and say whatever we like without no one fucking asking. Shut the fuck up and go back to the storm drain where your mother abandoned you. Because she didn’t ‘ask’ for a disrespectful ******wit to be the next in her family tree. So for her sake and your ancestors’ sake and for my sake don’t ever fucking again sarcastically ask “who tf asked”. Because guess what fucker, no one asked for you to say that, no one respects you. So stfu.

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