A man shoves worms in his urethra while home alone

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>Worm narration



>”Today started as any other day as an earthworm, I wake up in the moist soil as the sun evaporates the morning dew like America evaporates Asians in 1945, I went to check on the larvae before eating some nutrients closer to the surface but this would be a mistake.”
>”gradually I could hear loud footsteps and the sound of garden work and just assumed the human would not notice and then I saw that he started masturbating with the garden hose, I just looked away hoping he would not notice me”

The man then proceeds to see a worm and says loudly: “THIS WILL GET SO MANY HITS ON r/SOUNDING” before picking up the worm

>”But then I felt my torso being pressed from both ends and realise he had picked me up” as fear starts rushing through the earthworm assuming he was going to be eaten by some random bird, he got lubricated in piss.

As the worm freaked out he realised there was no use and accepted his ill fated end.

>”as I gave up knowing I was defeated and about to die, I could feel as if I was being inserted into a small tube, it was warm and moist and smelled weird and I could hear moaning, then I realised I was being imprisoned in a man’s dick I had no idea why and thought I could just easily squirm out like normal but then I could feel I was being pushed in deeper, what little light there was for me to see faded to black, the smell of piss getting stronger. Desperate for help I call to my kin”

As the man pushed the worm even deeper into his peehole the sensation of the worm caused him to have a heavy orgasm making him cum but as he wanted to keep the feeling, he clamped his foreskin shut and let the worm experience the upcoming torrent of semen.

>”Suddenly it went from moist damp and scary to life threatening as I got submerged in a white sticky substance, looking for a plan to intervene I found a tube where I assumed the liquid came from and started eating into a very salty white sack that tasted like iron.”

The man suddenly experiences a strong pain in his left testicle but this actually aroused him to the point where he just collapsed on the floor pants down, penis hanging in the air, it was hurting him a lot but he could care less.

Then some other worms were summoned to the calls of help from their presumed fallen brother and deliberately braved this man’s urethra until it was clogged, as there were now more worms eating his penis from the inside out he noticed he was dripping blood from his cock and the pain was starting to unarouse him so he took up to his feet to run to the bathroom and pee to remove the worms to no avail.

>”as we started eating his juicy cock to show who’s truly in power, we experienced a secondary torrential wave of liquid but this time it was not sticky, regardless we pressed on to get out of this degenerate’s urinary tract”

As the man screamed in pain, his bleeding getting worse and now having erectile dysfunction causing some of the worms to come up, he tried calling 999 for an ambulance but he collapsed to the amount of shock and trauma before eventually dying from a heart attack, ballsack and bladder containing worms covered in cum.

The morticians never knew what could’ve caused such damage to the penis to the point where it killed a man it to this day remained a mystery.

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