A pigeon raped my wife (Sad Edition)

I was in my backyard with my wife planting roses; it was a normal day. But after a moment I hear a scrumptious pair of wings clap behind me. I immediately assume it is a pigeon due my prior knowledge of their gargantuan asses. I turn around and I see him slide his huge pigeon penis out of my wife’s ass, still dripping and soaked in pigeon jizz. I was too late to save her.

The pigeon sees me and tries to escape, but his ass is much too large and denies a quick take-off. Seeing the pigeons luscious cheeks sticking out so erotically made my cock stand at attention, throbbing ever so hard. Looking back at my wife’s body, her ass still agape, I know what I have to do: Get revenge. My cock was now throbbing with only one emotion now, hatred. I rip into the pigeon’s succulent asshole, my cock lengthening with every thrust. He begs for mercy, but I do not grant it. After 20 or so minutes, I give one final thrust, and unleash my jizz inside of him, filling him to the brim. He gives a moan out of either pain or pleasure, but it does not matter, for he will be dead soon. I sheath my still rock hard penis and walk away triumphant. My revenge and my existence will be appreciated by the rest of the family, and it might teach a lesson to the other pigeons.

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