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You should

Edit: downvote more you neckbearded mob of sociopaths. I want it. Punish me for being reasonable about the comments of all these violence worshipping fucks. Hurt me like you would the rock thrower. Do it. I’ll wear your sick dissent with pride. Mmmmm madghostsor scorn. It’s delicious

Edit 2: yes. More. MORE. Hurt me more snake. I bet you’re all rock hard when you hit the down arrow and it turns blue and you’re cumming. Don’t worry I am too. Let your hate flow through you. Each time I tell you people that hurting others is maybe not ideal, and the negative numbers soar, it’s like all your violent fantasies are turned onto me, for, ya know, just being sensible.

Edit 3: You’re not downvoting hard enough! You can do better than that, you fucks. You have to make me PAY for saying such nonsense as “we shouldn’t hurt people.” I’ll be ashamed if this whole thread full of big burly incels with 10 inch cocks can’t break -100. Do better or neither one of us is going to have a good time.

Edit 4: Don’t upvote me, you pricks! I’m the idiot who is not right in the head remember? I’m the asshole who said, “perhaps we actually should blame him for running a dude down with his car.” You have to let me know how stupid I am. Make sure when you click down it’s a nice loud weighty click. It will make you feel powerful. I like the smell of a sweaty powerful person clicking their mouse.

Edit 5: -69…nice. cumgoal almost reached my simpies.


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