A response concerning the nasty internet “memes” following the 96-year-old Queen’s untimely death

It’s honestly incredibly disrespectful that you would would mock the death of the queen of England. It’s quite frankly incredibly unbecoming and embarrassing. You’re not bright, clever, or smart in any way, shape or form for the nasty comments that you have bestowed upon us on this dreadful day. You are disgusting, and a villain of our day who will be rightfully vanquished when the time of justice and judgment finally arrives. In fact, the only thing embarrassing is when you fail to live even half the number of years that the almighty queen has managed to live. She was alive when Christ was a mere water-walker, while you weren’t alive before the age of the Apple iPhone device. This speaks volumes about your lack of any significant life experience and your general lack of understanding on anything beyond the superficial pleasures that you constantly indulge yourself in, in order to avoid questioning your own place in life and what feats you will accomplish before you inevitably perish. The answer obviously is that you won’t amount to much, so you sit and cheer on the demise of those who dared accomplish greater things than you could have ever hoped to even dream of. You are poop. She is queen. Deal. With. It. The sooner you do, the better it will become for you. You will live a life filled with joy and free of petty teenage angst.

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