A software engineer remembers the good old days

I wrote 1000 line function filled with security bugs that was designed to stream porn in 1080p once. No one cared though. Lol.

my last position was working for a spam as a service company where we “engineered” reverse pop up blocking mechanisms. Sorry, that’s all I can say.

Before that, back in ’13 my employer made us write keyloggers for our customers. That company is not on my resume, and I could only handle doing that for a year.

For each job, our services and “engineering” all sucked but we billed our clients up the ass.

That was goooood money back then. My co-workers and I would hit the bars and talk about Star Wars and the latest Xbox games.

Most of us drank beers. We were beginning to get used to our guts – at that point we’d been at it for a while.

We were geeks who really loved what we did. And what we did was gonna change the world or something.

None of us were very attractive to the ladies though. Not sure why; we had some pretty awesome skills.

One of us even had a gentoo server that he opened up for the rest of us. He had so many tweaks for every compiled binary, and pirated a fuck load of movies, games, music etc.

We pooled in cash to keep that puppy running. Man it had two SLI GPUs, and we made sure to have a time share for who could be on the server and all that.

Those were the days man. Racing wheels and shit.

The rest was geeking out HARD to WPF and all the cool shit we could do with it. .NET ruled back then.

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