a story about belle delphine

words can’t explain how badly I want to FUCK Belle Delphine , I just want to long-dick that CUNT till it starts SQUIRTING and FARTING all over my DICK. flip her over and start POUNDING her and having it SQUEEZE and HUG my COCK till I cant take no more and just CUM all up in her PUSSY. then after I bring her to her knees and ferociously FUCK HER LITTLE MOUTH until i have her MOUTH DRENCHED WITH MY CUM. oh u thought i was done?? NAHHH then i’ll pick her up,hold her and FUCK her RELENTLESSLY until i BUST another load so HUGE that It’ll DRIP from her VAGINA. i’ll then drop her and see how beautiful she looks while she’s SHAKING and TWITCHING and unable to stand for the rest of the night cause of the UNSTOPPABLE DAMAGE my COCK did to her nice LITTLE PUSSY. and don’t get me started on her feet.

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