A synopsis on Rocking A Cardigan In Atlanta

The lyrics are also so exquisite as it talks about the struggles of man kind and the recovery of the human, such as the lyrics “I wanna take a picture with Cardi B inside of my cardigan.” This shows that the struggle of the main character is immense as taking a picture with celebrity/artist Cardi B is almost impossible. The “inside of my cardigan” part means that they keep continuing struggles in their life as it emphazises on “my”. The next part “neighbors now I’m late they call me shorty Mr. Tardy Man.” This shows the main characters neighbors deeply despise him by calling him such derragatory terms such as shorty Mr. Tardy Man, which means that his punctation is not very good. Now lets study the word “shorty” this word is often used as slang for a female usually offensive but not as offenisive as “bitch” as we can hear by the voice the narrator is a male, which doesn’t make much sense as “shorty” is slang for a female but this really provokes the human brain. I personally think this means that his neighbors are possibly part of the LGBTQ+ community and are maybe non-binary calling anybody anything which would usually be offensive to the average LGBTQ+ member but lets take in mind that his neighbors are non-binary which can be a varying type of sexuality, this could also mean that his neighbors are sexist and think that woman aren’t as good as men and might believe “shorty” could affend someone as “sissy” slang for someone who is scared to something deriving off the word sister as in a female could affend someone. Lets move on to the next part “I just smoke my weed and fuck these hoes.” Often in the world having intercourse with women makes a male feel proud as the woman chose him to have intercourse with many people brag about this which usually gives them a boost in dopamine. Now lets study the word “hoes” as in the song it extends the word “hoe”. Hoe is a derragotory term for a woman, making them seem lowly just like the word “shorty” the narrotor uses this word to make it sound like the main character is trying to make high of themselves and be happy with theirselves by sladnering other people making the main character the best out of all them. The other beautiful lyric or peace of really poetry “I just smoke my weed.” Lets talk about the “weed” part weed is usally term for cannabis a popular drug amongst the teenage and young adult community. The drug often boosts ones dopamine which means that the character is really recovering from all of the trauma that has gone throughout the basis of his life, but cannabis is also a health hazard which really shows that the main character is taking one step further in their life but one step back. The other explanation for the term weed could be the main character is part of the Jamaican religion of Rastafaria. In the religion of Rastafaria cannabis is used as a power to be closer to god and become happier and wise. This explanation shows us that the main character is trying to improve by a religion, which helps many people in the main characters situation. This proves to us that the main character is trying to resolve his issues as it has been almost traumitizing to his mental.

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