A toothless guy sucked my dick and it was amazing

Yea don’t knock it until you try it. I went to a massage therapist several years ago. I didn’t know much just went based on a friend’s recommendation. Turns out it was a guy about 70. I am totally into younger guys, but I’m there and just expecting a massage anyway. He actually was still in really good physical shape and did a really good massage. I always go for an un-draped massage as long as the therapist is ok with it. I’m not at all modest and it just takes away when the therapist is constantly having to adjust the draping. As the massage progressed I definitely got the sense that more than just a massage was available. When he got to massaging my legs, he would casually brush my balls or run a stray hand across my ass crack. Apparently I gave off all the right vibes, because when I flipped onto my back he started paying a lot of attention to my groin area. It felt good and I definitely got hard. Next thing I know he pulls out his dentures and starts sucking my dick. Oh my, it felt amazing. No doubt one of the best blow jobs I ever got. Say what you want about hooking up with old guys, but I would do it again with no hesitation.

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