A-Train is a rip-off Crackdown character

A-Train is a rip-off Crackdown character. Look at his fucking design in the TV series and tell me that’s not someone you would see zipping around the cities in Crackdown. The asshole on the front cover of Crackdown 1’s not 1:1 with A-Train, but the guy practically has those fucking clothes. You are given the option to play as fucking A-Train in Crackdown for God sakes. If you give someone a picture of A-Train and that black guy from Crackdown 1 and ask if they’re from the same franchise, they would 200% nanomachines son say yes. Hell, you can easily imagine running around Crackdown’s city as A-Train because of that fucking outfit. And he’s black. So he’s clearly a rip-off Crackdown character, only that he’s fast. But guess who runs fast in Crackdown? Yeah dip-shit, the fucking black guy. Ding ding ding. Rip-off Crackdown character.

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