A vision of the future.

John Smith turned to his side, taking in the view. A field of grey buildings stood across the land, complete with grey streets, grey street lights, grey curbs, grey roads, grey cars, grey security cameras on each street, and a grey sky. The only sign of color was a grey billboard with poorly produced, neon-red text that read, “Remember to do your bit.” John Smith sighed. The theta-variant of SARS-CoV-2’s death toll was particularly high this week, reaching a staggering 0.000000005% of the nation’s population. As a result, the national sars agency, or NSA, had begun a five-year lockdown in all northern towns and a five-day lockdown in all southern towns. The NSA’s team was the most competent and trusted agency in the land in regard to dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It successfully eliminated the epsilon-variant of COVID-19 in just 7-years, only letting a small number of thousands die. It was also made up of the most competent men in the field: a sex worker, for dealing with hygiene; a drug trafficker, for dealing with crime; a money-launderer, for dealing with the economy; and, most importantly of all, a bacteriologist, for dealing with the virus.

John Smith was motioned ever closer to the grey courthouse, security cameras slowly turning as he moved, watching every step. John Smith had posted a highly offensive statement: “I believe in mankind.” John Smith claimed that the phrase was simply meant to be inspirational and, whilst the majority of people in the democratic nation agreed, a rather large school club of atheists believed that the word believe was an insult to their beliefs, and thus believed that John Smith was believed to be guilty of hate and intolerance. Furthermore, John Smith had also used mankind, as opposed to people-kind, and was therefore failing to modernize speech – this was dangerous, as it prevented new ideas.

John Smith left the courthouse guilty by section 127, which had been updated via emergency powers to be in place for a much smaller group of people who perceive hate, thanks to the theta-variant’s large death toll on the nation. As such, John Smith was sentenced to five years in prison, as well as mandatory therapy sessions for dangerous thoughts.

By the end of it all, John Smith smiled at the grey sky, holding his daughter – the only person in the nation afflicted with the theta-variant, in his arms, dead. The acceptance party had refused to accept John’s daughter’s online application for the vaccine, as John’s daughter did not meet the required conditions of joining the acceptance party’s Microsoft Team’s team. John Smith smiled – John Smith was finally a good man.

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