A weirdly strong opinion on handshakes

Firm handshakes are garbage regardless of the situation. It’s toxic, childish masculinity gone wild. It comes from insecurity and having to compete with other men in the most trivial and insignificant ways to make up for perceived weaknesses in other areas of your life. It’s absolutely pathetic. I’m a big guy, I’m also a martial artist and it is consistently one of the most sad and pathetic things I see every day. Would you rather have the ability to make a woman orgasm ten times a day or would you rather have a manly hand shake? Hmm, yeah, I’ll take the hand- no, wait. Hand shakes are stupid and you are stupid if you take them so seriously that you actually judge someone by how tightly they shake your hand. People who take hand shaking seriously are the body-language equivalent of flat-Earthers.

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