accidentally saw my teenage son’s penis and it really made me insecure.

So for context I’m his dad and l’m 36 and he’s 15.
My wife asked me to wrangle him and the other
kids so l made the rounds. I had just seen him
fully dressed a few minutes ago in his room so
without thinking I just opened the door and went
back in (I know I should have knocked I wasn’t
thinking) and I hear “Dad what the hell!” And
there’s my son, naked as the day he was born and
I hadn’t seen him naked since he little but he’s not
little anymore. At only 15 his dick is freakishly big.
Far bigger than mine. I awkwardly apologized to
him and told him dinner was ready than left.
Obviously I’ve seen penises before. I was on the
football team in high school and saw other
students naked occasionally including others
more endowed than me but this is different. This
is my own son. Also before all you perverts start
jumping on me, no I didn’t like it. I’m not gay or bi
and I didn’t enjoy seeing it. It’s just so fucking
huge that it freaked me out but I’m definitely
happy for him, I just feel bad for his girlfriend he
just started seeing because he might honestly kill

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