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When I was 8, I walked in on my 13 year-old cousin strangling a small kitten with both hands. He just stood there with an unmoving expression while watching the life slowly flutter from its eyes. When he noticed me, he threatened to do the same to my mother if I didn’t find him more animals to “play with”. So out of fear, I complied. For 2 months, I would get him frogs, hamsters, my grandmother’s pet bunny at one point- any small animal of sorts just to get him to leave me alone. The ordeal stopped when he was sent to the hospital for an anaphylactic reaction (he had a peanut allergy) and was gone for 2 weeks. I never told anyone.

He’s 22 now and is seemingly normal. He’s engaged to a pleasant woman who owns 3 cats. I fear for their safety.

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