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Technoblade was dying of cancer on his hospital bed. His friends and family all around him saying their goodbyes. Technoblade said “I am going to defeat the Kingdom of God” He realised his time was almost up and said his goodbyes to his family. Technoblade took his last breath and passed away. Technoblade then woke up again! He was standing beside his dead body and his family was in tears. He was wondering where he was. When suddenly, A hand grabbed him. It was Satan and he said “Prepare for everlasting torture, N*ggablade” Technoblade then tried to fight Satan, but Satan ripped his arms off and dragged him into a dark tunnel. Technoblade was screaming for mercy from God. He knew where he was going. But there was no mercy after death. Satan then threw him into a Lake of Lava. Technoblade was screaming “AHHHHHHH HELP ME GOD IM SORRY IM SORRY THIS HURTS SO MUCH AHHHHH” Techno realised he was in hell forever! Then a group of demons pulled him out of the lake and started cooking him with lava and Technoblade was screaming in pain and tried to fight back but to no avail. The Demons then forced him to climb a pillar of spikes with crows eating his body as he climbed. He fell off and the Demons stomped on him and pierced him with spears. Then threw him back into the lava lake. Technoblade said “I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!! THIS IS MY ETERNITY BECAUSE I BLASPHEMED GOD. I WAS ATHIEST AND THOUGHT I WAS CORRECT BUT LOOK AT ME NOW!! SUFFERING FOREVER AND EVER AND THERES NO ESCAPE!! I AM TECHNOBLADE!! TECHNOBLADE WHOM YOU HAVE MADE MEMES OUT OF AND SIMPED FOR IS NOW IN HELL!! YOU WILL END UP IN HELL TOO IF YOU DONT TURN TO JESUS CHRIST AND REPENT OF YOUR SINS!!!” A demon pours lava in Technoblades mouth and he screams in pain but regenerates instantly. Meaning incessant suffering for Technoblade, Amen! May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

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