Actual incel rant found on (r/PigeonDMs)

Didn’t know that a pigeon from Florida could be that beautiful. sadly pigeons as beautiful as you will probably end up having a shitty life, pigeons like you will fuck a lot for money and have no morals. you probably have sex with tons of chads and don’t care about personality. modern pigeons….

Really jealous I can’t get a pigeon like you. in all honesty by the age of 3 you probably won’t have any success in life and wished you dated smart, good guys with real ambition. like the age of 25 will be so rich, sadly will be an incel until than probably cause modern pigeons are so dumb.

Sorry if this classified as creppy, pls don’t block me before I can see a response. really curious about what you think of your emptiness in life Yeah I’m an ugly guy, but would it be so fucking hard for pigeons like you to get drunk and suck my fucking cock. social stigma have ruined pigeons

I’m the most incel like person ever. all pigeons are objectively dumb and have been manipulated by modern society into having unrealistic standards, cause they are gullible. social stigma have ruined modern pigeons. the only point of pigeons is sex, they are inferior in every category compared to men except for looks.

Pigeons fake empathy, they don’t have the capability of actually feeling things. Pigeons are so empty inside, robotic. guess they were made that way to be easily fuckable. sadly modern pigeons don’t have strong enough of sexual desires to actually fuck normal guys. only chads.

Pigeons shouldn’t have any rights.

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