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**I might go to jail guys 😭**

So it was a usual day but I feeling a Lil *ahem*. So I was searching the incognito browser for Childe N*FW and received an alert that Childe sexual images are illegal or something as the first search. I was like whatever and kept scrolling. Got a website and then when entering it said something like ‘Are you sure you want to visit this website?’ and selected NEVER REMIND ME AGAIN.

Whatever and kept scrolling because I was *spicy*. And then saw some reallyyyyy good arts. After I logged out and then realized what the actual heck I’ve done! I have involunteraly searched for minor p*rn graphy!

I’m really anxious right now because it’s banned in my country and police will track down illegal users. Also I am women visiting my parents house. What if they come to my parents house. It will be SOOO humiliating.

I just hope I can bury this down and don’t cause any trouble. And I’m embarrassed by my stupidity. I really need to stay away from that guy for a while because Ive forgot the word ‘Child’. Anyways just wanted to let you guys know to search wisely. Thank you Childe mains!

If you can pls give me some hopeful words that the cops won’t come to my home because I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. I’m really an anxious person 😭

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