actual rules of a discord server I’m in


1.) no spam retard, use #📩spam-emails📩

2.) politics is boring af and will result in a ban ( unless its senator armstrong politics )

3.) no anime, weebs are disgusting

4.) furries ruin servers, see yourself out if you are

5.) gay extremists are blacklisted from here

6.) anyone under 13 can see themselves out

7.) pedophiles are blacklisted and are under a KOS system

8.) only advertise servers in #📻ads-n-shit📻 degenerate

9.) users demanding @job haver roles or changes to the server can go fuck off

10.) for fucks sake keep NSFW in #⛔holy-shit-sex-channel⛔

11.) no BTS no_entry_sign flag_kr or any thing from Korea

12.) no one’s opinion matters

13.) no stan culture

14.) no Fortnite posting

15.) no twitch

16.) no weird ass fandoms

17.) no Twitter posting

18.) if you so much as own an NFT or try to sell an NFT, fucking kill yourself you worthless goddamn piece of shit

19.) No E-dating

20.) No excessive use of @everyone imgoinginsane

21.) Being extremely unfunny will get you banned, I’m not even fucking joking. Post cringe, get banned.

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  1. they should add:

    Please DO NOT announce to the server when you are going to masturbate. This has been a reoccurring issue, and I’m not sure why some people have such under developed social skills that they think that a server full of mostly male strangers would need to know that. No one is going to be impressed and give you a high five (especially considering where that hand has been). I don’t want to add this to the rules, since it would be embarrassing for new users to see that we have a problem with this, but it is going to be enforced as a rule from now on.

    If it occurs, you will be warned, then additional occurrences will be dealt with at the discretion of modstaff. Thanks.

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