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After recent Suvamoy incident, i got to know one thing that you don’t have to do much to get the nudes and get physical with these social media girls. All you have to do is posting long paragraphs about love and need to have a muscular body and these girls will strip themselves in your dms and will even get fvcked by you happily. I used to have crush on some but now i don’t want any of them. I want a girl who have some self respect, dignity and standard and these girls are lacking all of it. I want a girl who is made only for me. I want a girl who will love only me, with all of her heart, soul and body. I want to be the only person who will see her naked, who will touch her and who will kiss her. I want to be her first and last. I want her to be my first and last. Till date i haven’t found a girl who deserves the kind of love i can give. But i believe, one day i’ll find such a girl and that day will be the most beautiful day of my life. Thanks for reading.

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  1. After the recent events in Sivamay, I know something to do to dress and get these bodies and communities. What to do with a long love and you should have body and music and these women jump on DM and are happy. I’m down. But now I don’t want her, I need a woman who has received help from herself, dignity and quality, and the girls have disappeared. I just need a girl for me. I need a woman who loves me with my heart, in my mind and my body. I want you to look naked, you like it and kissing, I want you to be for the first time and finally. I want it to be the first and last time. To date, I learned that no woman deserves the love I can give. But I think I will one day meet this woman and this day is the best day of my life. Thanks for the reading.

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