Affordable and nice and comfy chair please dm if find!! :)))

Dude chill I just need a chair, yk a chair with 4 legs? Idk man it just has to be comfortable and it needs to carry my weight, I’m a small boy tho so it shouldn’t be that hard, especially not for a chair with 4+ legs! Cause like usually a chair with 2 legs just doesn’t work unless it works, and that’s not very poggers- So again a chair, on on like a budget, an affordable budget that you can buy with money. that’s this is good, I like this! Basically if you ever find a chair with 4+ legs and maybe no feet, then call or text me, you can also call me to tell me that you found a chair!!! So thanks for doing that if you ever find a chair with 4 or more legs that can support a smol boi with comfortable back rest(s) and just an overall comfy seat that is good for your buttocks you know :?))

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