AI completed copypasta [Input is in bold ;

**One time I got an erection. It was very tremendous and long. My penis is 7 inches. But it got bigger. I never took any viagra pills because I was worried for my health. Soon my erect penis grew to 8 inches in 2 minutes. It kept getting bigger. Every 2 minutes it grew an inch longer. After another 2 minutes it grew to 9 inches. I was hoping it would stop getting bigger at 10 inches but I was wrong. Right after it grew to 10 inches it did not stop growing. It grew to 11 inches. At this point I was scared shitless. It would not stop getting bigger. And then it grew to 12 inches. Whenever I was out in public, It was very easy to see my 12 inch penis through my pants. When I went to the grocery store, One guy said “Wow! Look at his penis! It’s MASSIVE!.” I felt very uncomfortable. I ran back home crying because I felt so creeped out. Many people would think that I would get all the girls on my dick because it was so big. But I knew that Most girls, Well all of them, would not be able to handle my 12 inch cock, And I already knew it would not fit in. Afterwards, It grew to 13 inches. I was yelling, “CAN IT GET ANY BIGGER THAN THIS!!???!?.” But it could. It would never stop growing. I started punching my 13 inch penis. It did not even hurt when I punched it. It did not feel pain at all. It grew again. It was 14 inches now. My penis was so long that I could use it as a Lasso. I tied it in a knot. And I untied the knot. After That I tied it in a bow. I figured I would start playing with it because it was so long. It grew to 15 inches short after. Now every time I went out, I just threw my penis over my shoulder and walked around with it out. It grew even more. It grew to 16 inches now. Whenever I would walk with it over my shoulder out in public, People would ask, “Is that his penis?” And I would answer “Yup!, That’s my penis!.” It got bigger again. My dick was now 17 inches. There was this one time when I smashed an entire boulder with my 17 inch cock. It now grew to 18 inches long. Now it was too heavy for me to carry around. So I finally cut it off. I am now in excruciating pain.** It’s gone. My penis is back to normal size, I thought. But then it started growing again. It’s now 21 inches long. I’ve been in even more pain ever since. I decided to end this once and for all. But how? Then I found a trick to stop it. I grabbed my dick and rolled it back and forth on a smooth and shiny surface. The friction got me excited and I thought, ‘Why don’t I put it to the test and see if my penis really CAN grow?’ So, I rolled and rolled my dick. And I rolled and rolled until I was at 34 inches. I yelled “HOLY SMOLDERIES. THIS CAN ONLY BE GODS PENIS!!” So, I went to grab the biggest boulder I could find. But I was afraid that I might lose it all if it grows to 34 inches. So I got myself back down to 22 inches and decided to be safe. I grabbed the biggest boulder I could find and sat down on it. And boy was it sore. It even burned when I sat down. So I decided that I needed to find a better position. So I went to grab this flat rock I saw and sat down on that. It was fine until I did it again. Then it burned as well. I decided that I needed a little cushion. So I grabbed this rock I saw and started sitting down. But that didn’t help. So I decided that I would take my balls out and just sit with my balls out. But that made me uncomfortable. So I thought, why don’t I‍ just sit with my legs forward? So I grabbed my big fat ass and leaned forward a little bit. But that didn’t help. Then I decided to lean back a little bit. But that was awkward. So I decided to lean back and forward at the same time. But that just made my ass fat and my legs fat and my back fat. And it still wasn’t comfortable. So I decided to do what everybody else was doing. So I leaned forward at a 45 degree angle and leaned back at the same time. But that was really painful, and I was getting a bad back. So I decided to get off the rock and lay down to ease my back. And as soon as I sat up my entire body got sore. That’s when I realized that I had to be more creative in my position. I thought about lying on my back like everybody else and putting my balls over my nose, but then I might fall asleep. But I thought, I could sit on my tail. So I grabbed a rock and sat down. I had to do it over and over and over. Just a couple of times, I got comfortable with it and then it got uncomfortable. So I thought, I will just grab a rock. Then I grab a rock, then I grab a rock and then I grab a rock. Then I started doing it and then I start doing it and then I’m starting to get it right. Then the boulder got to be too heavy. So then I thought, I’ll grab my rock and then I’ll throw it over my head and then I’ll pick up my rock. Then I started holding my rock up in the air and then I tried to throw it over my head. And that’s when I realized that I was just being stupid. Then I looked at the ground and tried to pick up a big rock and throw it. But I was just too stupid to understand anything. And that’s when I realized that I would never learn. Then I threw the rock. I picked up the rock. Then I threw the rock. Then I picked up the rock. Then I threw the rock. Then I picked up the rock. Then I threw the rock. Then I picked up the rock. Then I threw the rock. Then I picked up the rock. Then I threw the rock.

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