AIA for disowning my son after he made an among us joke at our local church

Hell i’ve always been proud of the little bugger.

I used to feed my son because he performed well in school and made daddy proud.

But this was it. My son cannot do this. Fuck.

We were at a church like usually on a Sunday morning. The priest was talking about how Jesus was still around and that he was among us. As soon as he says the word among my son yells at the top of his lungs ”AMONG US, AMONG US”

Needless to say everybody was pissed. Ever since then my friends at the church have been dismissing me, looking at me like I’m a failure of a father. One night I had a dream. In that dream Jesus told me to disown my son or I’m not going to heaven.

So I did it. I feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside. While it feels strange to disown your son, I think heaven is worth the price.

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