AITA (atheist) for SLAMMING a christian 6 year old???

So I have a perfect property worth 3milion dollars that I didn’t have to work for that I inherited from my dead christan(based) grandpa that bought the property in the 70s and I got asked by my family to host a easter party so they can hide the eggs for their in my 10 acre property (3mil dollars in value). I am atheist btw.

So I am chilling there, drinking my 200$ bottle of whisky when a nephew(6yo) approached me and asked why I don’t go to church So I answered calmly: “because I am not a brainwashed christan like you are”, so he in turn asked: “so you are a sinner?” and I said that yes, I mass murder dog shellters and sacrafice the bodies to the devil so I can have more 3mil dollars+ properties. He obviously tried to gaslight me(dunno what it means sounds smart) and manipulate me butt he failed and started crying like the special butthurt snowflake he is. So his mom- my stupid sister called me an asshole. Obviously I am not an asshole but I want upvotes from my fellow atheist madghostsors(based) that upvote anything that has the woord atheist in it.

Later I told this story to a girl in a bar and she agreed with me and sucked me off and gave me her S class mercedes because I am so smart. So madghosts, Am I the asshole?

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