AITA but it’s GPT-J bot generated

My mate (26M) got a job at Google (50) so he (26M) told me (12M) that I (12M) could join his team of hackers (22). I (12M) got the job but I (12M) still couldn’t believe my (12M) luck. The first week was a breeze (3 kills) but my (12M) luck turned sour when I (12M) was caught (19, 14) and taken to prison (24 years). While in prison I (12M) met a friend of mine (16) and we tried to have our way with another prisoner’s (36) wife (16) but the guard (28) spotted us. We (12M, 16) ended up in solitary (10 days). After serving my (24) sentence I (12M) spent the rest of my life in prison (60 years). Madghosts, AITA?

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