AITA for breaking up with my gf over morbious(2022)?

I (19m) was playing genshin impact on my pc like usual, with one hand playing and the other jerking me off. Then suddenly my gf(21f) barges inside my room and screamed outloud “what the fuck???”. I tried to explain to her the sigma grindset and enlighten her but she refused to listen. Then in the heat of the fight she mentioned Morbious after seeing my Morbious wallpaper I had over my anime waifu pillow closet. She said that “Morbious is shit” and that “morbin time isn’t part of the script you asshole”. I was devastated. How could she let such words out of her mouth? I never watched the movie (just like any real Morbious fan) but even I could tell that morbin time is a vital part of Morbious (2022). Out of my anger I furiously started screaming with all my might the whole script of the Bee Movie (this is one of my intellectual defense mechanisms). She then left after a day and we broke up. I am truly disturbed by her inability to understand true film quality. I hope this helps the Morbious fans who struggle with the lack of understanding and support. Every time is Morbin time.

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