AITA for calling out my brother for his false christian beliefs and assaulting him at our family gathering?

Here’s the story. Last week, my brother (32M) who is a Christian pastor came overfed our yearly family gathering with his wife(29F) who is an accountant. Upon stepping in my parents house, she immediately started socializing and laughing with my mother(58F) about how traffic was such a hassle. I immediately was very upset about this and tried to tell the whole family about how females in today’s society always obsess over insignificant things such as traffic and clothes, and constantly resort to primitive tools such as empathy and social cues instead of facts and logic.

Even though I presented my arguments clearly and followed the five laws of debate as outlined on r/atheism and r/askscience, my brother’s wife(29F) told me that “you should calm down.” And asked my brother if “he was always like this” Ha. Typical female, avoiding confrontation and asking the males around her for assistance whenever conflict could occur. At this point, I banged my hand on the table and told her she was a “typical Stacy female who ignores Kantian principles of facts and logic,” at which point my brother(31M) put a hand on my(28M) shoulder and told me that he is always praying for me.

I was shocked and taken aback that he could even suggest that he could “pray.” In fact, there is no categorical evidence of so-called “god,” as proven on r/askscience and r/politics, the former of which I am a moderator for. I informed my brother about this, telling him that he was a “brain-dead neanderthal” for believing in religion and subscribing to a faith in which HE took a leadership role. I challenged him to take the average IQ of everyone in his congregation and compare it to the average IQ of madghosts, which I assured him should be significantly higher than the average. I informed him that my own IQ was 176, as measured by an online quiz, and even though I had never finished college or held a job due to “poor hygiene and inability to make accommodations,” I was a very well-informed individual and would debate him whenever the occasion arose.

My mother then asked me(5’5″, 255) to “stop yelling, sweetheart” and that I should “watch my blood pressure.” I exploded with rage, as I had learned from quota that “sweetheart” was a term of endearment used by hostiles to catch free-thinkers off guard and lull them into an emotional state. I threw my plate of chicken nuggets at the wall, breaking the plate, which made my mother(58F, unemployment benefits) start crying and my brother(Caucasian) to tell me to “grow up, for goodness sake.”

My father(60M, automotive industry) then came downstairs and started yelling at me about how “I’d never find a job” and how “I’d never find a girlfriend or wife,” after which I informed him that my absence of female sexual partners was due to the saturation of the dating market with social media, which propagates the stereotypical image of the “chad” who has multiple sexual partners, while nice guys such as I are constantly spurned through no fault of our own, and how all females are just sex and power-chasing creatures. I told my father(5’11”, bald) of my plans to move to Japan to find a meek and obedient asian wife, and how women there are more traditional and submissive.

My brother, now angry, asked me “how I would move to Japan when I had been living in my parents’ house basement for the past 28 years,” and “how I would find a partner when every girl I approach crosses to the other side of the street.” I was angry at this, and went to my room in the basement(300 sq ft.) to retrieve my authentic $4500 Shanegasumi Katana, made in Japan and sold on Ebay, as well as my Akatsuki cloak and headband from the animeNaruto. I shouted, “Omae wa mod shindeiru!!”(You are already dead), and proceeded to stab my brother with the sword. My father called the police, and I was taken away. I am currently being held in country prison and am being tried for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

**Madghosts, AITA for calling out my brother for his false christian beliefs and assaulting him at our family gathering?**

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