AITA for disagreeing with my friend who says HIMYM is better than Friends?

I (24M) was talking to my friend (24M) the other day, when out of nowhere he suddenly asked me, “Why haven’t we talked about How I Met Your Mother?”.

Confused, I replied, “Like the show?”


“I don’t know, ‘cause we have never watched it?”

“Actually I’m already on episode 21 of season 1,” He announced his supposed achievements with an annoyingly smug expression, “and I think it’s so much better than Friends.”

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. Our friendship was solely based on our mutual love for Friends. I wouldn’t let him sabotage our relationship like this.

“You always do this,” I said with a quavering voice on the verge of tears. “first it was The Office, and now this.”

I started to sob, and my breathing got heavier, fogging up my glasses as my mask made the warm, humid air went up.

“Well, personally, I just think Friend’s humor is a bit outdated…”

What he said made me feel like Ross when Dr. Ledbetter ate his sandwich, that’s when I called him slurs and ran off.

He hasn’t replied to my texts and calls since then, but I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to keep saying bad things about Friends. So I would like to know, am I the asshole for not agreeing with him on this matter?

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